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Help wanted !

We are looking for a Web Designer for CSCC web page. Please see the job definition HERE !

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Developping CSCC takes time, and even money. It would be a great dream to succesfully implement a TCP Server for CSCC on which everyone could save their data. It would be a dream to get to have an actual Domain Name. Unfortunetely, it costs money, and I'm a student. You can help out though ! Any donation amount is welcome !

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CSCC v1.0 is crying to get out !

The first full true version of CSCC will soon be out ! Here is what I'm working on for this version !

  • WPF interface for the New-Gen version and Windows Form for the Classic one.
  • A CSCC library to get you started as well if you have any ideas !
  • An outstanding graphical experience with a easy-to-use ToolBox and Workarea.
  • Classes organized by projects, giving the possibility to create the whole project skeleton in CSCC !
  • Much more !

Suggestion ?

Do you have a suggestion ? If so, don't wait and go to the forums section. There is a thread there that awaits you ! At the same time, why not share your opinion of CSCC ?