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We are looking for a Web Designer for CSCC web page. Please see the job definition HERE !

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Developping CSCC takes time, and even money. It would be a great dream to succesfully implement a TCP Server for CSCC on which everyone could save their data. It would be a dream to get to have an actual Domain Name. Unfortunetely, it costs money, and I'm a student. You can help out though ! Any donation amount is welcome !

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You run Linux or Mac OS X ? Then Mono is your best friend to run CSCC. Make sure you run the Classic version since WPF is not supported by Mono yet.

Click here to discover the Mono project.

Binary Installer

As soon as CSCC v1.0 is out, there will be an installer, so you can download it and install it the easy way, without ever seeing the code if you're not interested.


Once again, there is executable file for you to download right now, since CSCC is in it's Alpha version. Rest assured, every step will be taken to make this option available as soon as possible.

Source file

Everything that makes CSCC is in there ! Alpha v0.1 is coded and commented in French. This is not the case in CSCC v1.0 to make sure everyone can access and understand CSCC code !

ALL VERSION DOWNLOAD ALPHA v0.1 : Download Alpha v0.1 Source

Early Stage release files for CSCC v1.0 : Download Early Stage v1.0 files